Monday, April 18, 2016

Busch Gardens Williamsburg Offers Virtual Spin on 2017's InvadR

Another new POV ride animation! This is the 3rd post in a row featuring one, but I swear it wasn't planned and is just a coincidence!  Today Busch Gardens Williamsburg revealed an all new point of view animation for the park's 2017 wooden roller coaster, InvadR.  Check it out:

 The layout matches the one we've gathered from the blueprints that the park leaked on purpose.  When posting the new video the theme park did note that InvadR's first drop has grown from the originally stated 74 feet to 81 feet.

The ride, designed by Great Coasters, starts with an extended post-lift left turn and bump before the main drop, when is covered at the bottom by a tunnel.  A pop of air and a hard turn right sends the train along the outward stretch with two airtime hills along the way.  The turnaround features both directional and elevation changes at its end before the trains encounter a few more air hills and an undulating helix before the brakes.

InvadR will be set among the park's many fully grown trees and utilize the area's elevation changes to the fullest.  Now that we've got a name and an animation, I wonder what else the park will let fans help decide?