Sunday, April 24, 2016

Canada's Wonderland Previews New Rides Before Season Opener

© Canada's Wonderland
Canada's Wonderland will open to the public this coming Sunday, May 1st, but the media was offered a preview of the park's new attractions this past week.  Two new rides, one mild and one wild, have been added to the expansive property.

Among the many attendees at the event was CWMania, the park's largest fansite, who have shared many of the photos featured here along with some ride video and interviews.

The thrilling addition this year is definitely Skyhawk, a Gerstlauer Sky Roller that takes riders up to 135 feet above the park.

© CWMania
Skyhawk allows riders to control the wings of their cars which in turn can create horizontal inversions.  Canada's Wonderland will be posting a leader board showing who flips the most during the ride cycle - CWMania reports that the record during the preview was 59 flips!  That's certainly not a ride for the faint of heart.

© CWMania
The park's second addition is the family-friendly Flying Eagles, another swinging ride designed by Larson.  Snoopy and his pals were on hand to welcome everyone, allowing for great photos like the one shared above.  CWMania points out that the 'bucket' seats on the ride are larger than on other models, allowing two adults to comfortably fit in each one, increasing overall capacity.

Canada's Wonderland, already known for their unique collection of flat rides, will open both new attractions on May 1st.