Monday, April 11, 2016

New Mini-Documentary Looks at Six Flags Magic Mountain's New Revolution

When Six Flags Magic Mountain first announced the changes slated for Revolution, the park's 1976 Schwarzkopf single loop coaster, fans were please to see a classic ride get a full refurbishment.  Any operating Schwarzkopf ride is rightfully considered a bit of a gem by coaster fans.

Then, when Six Flags announced that virtual reality was coming to many of their rides, the New Revolution included, yet another layer of improvements was added.  Between brand new trains that feature only lap restraints, a vibrant new paint job, and the virtual reality headsets, the New Revolution really is like a brand new experience.

CoasterForce has premiered the above mini-documentary about the changes made to the ride, and I must say it is extremely well produced and worth a watch.  The film features some great aerial footage of the ride along with interesting interviews with park officials.

The actual virtual reality experience has caused some operational issues as the parks learn the best way to keep capacity up, but it presents an interesting ride experience in an entirely new world.  This clip direct from Six Flags Magic Mountain shows some of what riders see while on the coaster.

The New Revolution has been previewing for guests at Six Flags Magic Mountain, and officially opens on April 21st.