Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Jokers' Train On Track + New Aerial View of Progress

© Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
We're getting closer to the Summer season and that means that parks are coming toward the end of their big 2016 projects - such is true at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, who will be opening The Joker this year.

The park hasn't totally finished building the ride, which is a Rocky Mountain conversion of their former Roar! wooden coaster, but they did put one of the trains on the track already.  The park released a video showing the process, and as expected the trains feature the Joker's colors (purple and green, like the track) and also his trademark "Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!"  The park hasn't shown off the elaborate car front plate, though, which should feature the Joker's laughing face.

© Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
As far as the Joker's construction goes, well this new aerial photo reveals that there isn't much left to put into place.  You can follow most of the layout of the ride and only notice that track hasn't been installed toward the very end of the ride.  The Joker's twisted elements include the step-up under flip after the first drop, a zero g barrel roll, 15 moments of air-time and a 53 mph top speed.

No opening date has been set for The Joker yet, but judging from this progress we won't have too much longer to wait!