Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Laguna Splash - DelGrosso's New Water Park - Nearly Ready to Open

© DelGrosso's Amusement Park
Under construction since the early part of 2015, a brand new $12 million water park expansion and rebranding - named Laguna Splash - is nearly ready to open at DelGrosso's Amusement Park in Tipton, PA.  Anxious visitors to the park will be able to partake in all that Laguna Splash has to offer this coming Memorial Day.

DelGrosso's has totally transformed several parts of their existing water park while adding new attractions to create the water park.  Laguna Splash will be Italian themed, which is evident in the style of the buildings being built and themed in the above construction photo.  The expansion also includes all new amenities like ticket booths, entrance gates, locker rooms, three food outlets and more.

© DelGrosso's Amusement Park
The existing water park already had two slide towers along with a children's play structure, and those are all now a part of Laguna Splash.  In addition to the amenities that really make it a full water park, a new lazy river (seen above) has been added.  The river has a nice zero-depth entrance area to the middle island it creates, with plenty of space for lounging.  The park has shared photos of the Leaning Tower of Pisa that will be adjacent to the river on their Facebook - there really is classic Italian theming throughout the new park.

© DelGrosso's Amusement Park
The other main addition is a giant wave pool, cover more than 14,000 square feet of space with over 311,000 gallons of water.  The pool will feature giant waves with depths of up to six feet - the underwater mural seen above is being carefully painted on the back of the wave house as well.

When Laguna Splash is completed and opened this summer it will be the largest single expansion ever done by the family-owned park.