Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Iron Transformation Has to Start Somewhere

© Six Flags Fiesta Texas
Baby steps... and this first baby step that Six Flags Fiesta Texas took is quite an important one.  The first pieces of new track are in place for the Iron Rattler, the totally transformed new-for-2013 version of the park's famous Rattler wooden coaster.

Seen above in an image released by the park today, the new track is quite low to the ground and located up where the formed triple helix was once located.  Perhaps a bit more red-orange than just the orange color seen in the promotional video, the new track will add a punch of color to the quarry walls as it plunges down, over, and even through them.

When completed next year, the Iron Rattler will feature a 171 foot first drop and send trains soaring along at an impressive 70 miles per hour - and also include a complete barrel roll.