Monday, October 29, 2012

Aerial Antics: Hersheypark's Skyrush

While there are no Bird's Eye or 45 Degree views yet of Hersheypark's blockbuster 2012 coaster, Skyrush, I did notice that Google has updated their overhead images.

It was last April that some supposed plans for the ride surfaced on these inter-webs we love so much, and from those I decided to play around and see if I couldn't come up with how the ride might fit into the Comet Hollow section of the park.

Here's what I made:

The purple was just to make the prints stand out over the image of the park.  It wasn't perfect, but I must give myself a bit of a pat on the back because here is how the ride turned out:

© Google
It is still pretty amazing to think of how they had to squish the ride into the park, yet I think a part of that led to the ride's above average intensity level.  If you want a tall ride and you have a small space for it, things are likely to get pretty wild!

If you look real close you can even see a train zooming around the track!

Here is a link to Google's aerials of Hersheypark, if you like.