Thursday, October 18, 2012

Scott and Carol Present - The First Look At Outlaw Run's Cars

Today Silver Dollar City debut artist renditions of the cars for  their 2013 wooden coaster Outlaw Run, which was designed and built by Rocky Mountain Construction.
These custom-built, first-of-their-kind ride vehicles were inspired by the popular and fashionable Concord coaches. The first Concord stagecoach was built in 1827, and they were known for their smooth ride, stylish looks and durability. It was said that Concord stagecoaches were built so solidly it they didn't break down but instead they just wore out. So, look for a comfortable, smooth ride from Outlaw Run's unique "coaches."

The seats are tailor-made for maximum comfort and safety. Each plum red coach has ample room for 24 brave pioneers.  And like the original Concord coach, these innovative engineering marvels guarantee a smoother ride for all passengers, so you will always have an outstanding journey, even if you are just a horse length in front of the bandits.

As if we were not already excited about Outlaw Run,  seeing these concepts has really wishing for Springtime in the Ozarks. Hopefully we can bring you more information about these new coaster cars from IAAPA.