Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Alton Towers 2013 Coaster Updates

One of the most anticipated 2013 coasters 'across the pond' will be at Alton Towers, and is still currently known as SW7 by fans of the park.  To keep the momentum of teasing going, the park has launched a new teaser site for the ride.

Which contains this pretty trippy looking face.  The site also proclaims that the ride will be "world beating," and while it sounds like the coaster may lay the smackdown on the world, I think they mean world record breaking.  What records exactly we can't be sure of yet, though the plans for the ride that were leaked some time ago show an awful lot of inversions.  The Twitter tag #getcorrected is also used, though I'm not sure what that implies.  A chiropractic themed coaster, perhaps?  I kid.

Construction on the ride started at Alton Towers some time ago, and at this point they've dug quite a big hole for the ride - something not uncommon at the severely height restricted park.  Ride Entertainment Group, who represents Gerstlauer, also shared a photo of some coaster track being fabricated for a 2013 ride.  Perhaps the pieces of the puzzle are falling together?

I need to stop starting at the image above, it's making me a bit dizzy!