Friday, October 5, 2012

Magic Springs Removing X-Coaster + 2013 Plans

Looks like we have yet another ride removal for the 2013 season, this time the X-Coaster at Magic Springs & Crystal Falls, located in Hot Springs, Arkansas.  Fortunately for the fans of the park they're also announcing that a "multi-million dollar water park expansion" will take place next season.

I first saw the news on Twitter, above, but they park has also added the news to their official website.

The park isn't ready to give full details on the 2013 expansion, but promise them in coming weeks.  Steve Honeycutt, the park’s general manager said that the water park addition “will be the fourth major construction project in the water park since 2008, and with triple-digit summers in Arkansas, we sure need it. Our guests tell us all the time one of their favorite ways to beat the heat is in our water park so we’re adding something big they can all enjoy.”

© Magic Springs & Crystal Falls
The X-Coaster was added to Magic Springs in 2006, but has had some problem over the years, actually not operating at all in 2009.  The ride is a Maurer Sohne SkyLoop, the second of its kind to open and the only one in North America.  It stands just over 150 feet in the air, and immediately after the vertical lift hill the cars head through a barrel roll before diving back down toward earth.

There's about ten or so of these rides around the world, and several have been built in the past two years - so there seems to be a market for them.  Perhaps Magic Springs, who is owned by CNL Properties and managed by AMP, will find it easy to locate a buyer?