Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Big Thunder Blast - New Effects Shake Things Up

Here is another video of the newly reopened (and heavily renovated) Big Thunder Mountain coaster at Disneyland, filmed by ThemeParkHD.  I posted about the ride just a bit ago, but it turns out that all the new special effects were not on at that point.  This video shows the final lift hill with all effects operating, and one of the biggest things missing previously was the enormous blast of steam (well, I suppose it is 'smoke' from an explosion) that absolutely envelopes the train as it crests the hill.  When combined with the digital mapping projections, as well as other lightning and sound effects, the Imagineers have really come up with a fantastic pre-finale to the ride!

With so much money also spent on the track replacement, one might think that the ride would reopen as it always was.  It is wonderful to see such improvements made to classic Disney attractions.