Thursday, March 6, 2014

Elitch Gardens Announces The Brain Drain for 2014

Visitors to Denver's Elitch Gardens will have the opportunity to have a mind bending experience this summer when the park opens the new Brain Drain thrill ride.  Just announced today, the seven story tall looping thrill ride represents the first major thrill experience added to Elitch Gardens in ten seasons, according to the park.

"Guests can let their hair fly as they shuttle back and forth with suspense before wildly looping seven stories in the air. With back to back seats facing either direction, each ride on Brain Drain is a unique experience with great views of the Denver skyline and the Rocky Mountains."

The Brain Drain appears to be a Larson 22M Giant Loop, a super-sized version of their classic Fire Ball ride.  The train moves both forwards and backwards and fully inverts riders multiple times during the cycle.  According to Larson, the Giant Loop stands 73 feet tall and can complete ten revolutions per minute.

In addition to the concept video above, the park has also released a night version that proudly shows Denver standing in the background of the Brain Drain.  The new ride is expected to be ready to open with the park on May 3rd, and also open for a season passholder preview party on May 2nd.