Monday, March 10, 2014

Goliath Heats Up Your Monday

© Six Flags Great America
What's a better fix for a case of the Mondays than new Goliath at Six Flags Great America photos?  The park was kind enough to help us all start our week with a fresh new batch of shots - and the park has plenty going on with the ride to show off!

Above is the ride's massive turnaround, which we previously saw only completed to the first level.

© Six Flags Great America
Now the park has 'taken it to the next level' quite literally, and started placing bents for the much higher turnaround.  From the drawings of the ride the turn that will take place at the top (around 125 feet in the air) will be heavily banked and to some degree resemble some B&M hyper coaster turnarounds that we've seen.

© Six Flags Great America
This view was also especially interesting to me - the track we see here is heading out of the base of the first drop (a tunnel) and heading up into the high turn.  I did not previously realize that there would be some serious head-choppers along this part!  You can also get a cool look at the banking of the shorter turnaround, located at the top of the structure.

From the photos it sounds like the park will soon start to build the 180 degree zero g roll / inverted drop.  That will be unique to watch going up!