Sunday, March 2, 2014

From The Vault: Six Flags America 2000 Brochure

Let's take a trip back to 2000 and have a peek at Six Flags America's general park brochure.

2000 was a big year for the park growth-wise, though it had been expanded pretty heavily in the years prior as well.  As we've mentioned before while looking at these brochures, the Six Flags boom of the late '90s and first couple years of the '00s was kind to most parks, Six Flags America included.  New rides were built at a rapid pace, too rapid in reality.

The cover of this brochure proudly shows off Superman Ride of Steel, an Intamin designed ride that reached the 200 foot mark.

The year before Superman came to town the park added Two-Face: The Flip Side and Joker's Jinx in a massive expansion (and one year before that Roar).  To follow that up with a mega-coaster like Superman, and then in 2001 put in a Vekoma flying coaster - well that is a bit nuts in retrospect.  That kind of expansion path can't - and didn't - last, after 2001 the amount of rides added to the park dropped like a brick for many years.

But enough thoughts on the prior Six Flags management, let's see what else Six Flags America had to offer!  This panel shows off a bunch of fun, including the Roar wooden coaster and the park's shorty Intamin free fall.  For the kids there was Looney Tunes Movie Town, filled with smaller versions of the park's big rides.

Six Flags America is a two park, one price gig - visitors could check out the Paradise Island water park while visiting as well.  It has since been renamed and expanded, but still had a full selection of slides and pools to keep guests busy in the summer sun.  This was also the time period when the stunt show arenas at the Six Flags parks were actually used, instead of sitting vacant, as seen over on the right.

Things seem to have swung back around for Six Flags America in terms of expansion, as it seems that current management might have targeted the property for future growth.  We shall see!