Wednesday, April 14, 2010

WhiteWater West's New MEGAtube Slides

WhiteWater West, a global leader in waterpark design and attractions, has announced the launch of their new MEGAtube waterslides. They're touted as the industry's "newest, largest, and most exciting raft rides."

According to WhiteWater West, "the core feature of the patent-pending MEGAtube series is a massive 20ft / 6m diameter fully enclosed flume set at a transverse angle to the slide path. Riders drop down a steep ramp into the MEGAtube, and then oscillate up and down the inner walls, climbing up to 10ft / 3m."

Another feature the new slides have is that the "MEGAtube is large enough that another flume can actually pass through it, creating a truly sensational attraction for riders and spectators alike. Imagine an AquaLoop™ rider hurtling down a translucent SilkTek™ flume, passing through the MEGAtube just as a group of surprised raft riders goes by below…there has never been another waterslide experience like it!"

It's like the Great Coasters International "station fly-through" of the water park industry! The company currently has two designs in the series, the Python (pictured above), and a slightly smaller version named the Viper. The Viper will use 3 person rafts and stand 52 ft. high, while the Python uses 6 seater rafts and stands almost 70 ft. at its peak.

While no installations of the new slides have been announce yet, I have a feeling it won't be long until one of these opens.