Monday, April 12, 2010

Aerial Antics: Wonderland Park

Wonderland Park, located in Amarillo, Texas, uses a gnome in their advertising. That alone makes the park more than worthy of being featured in Aerial Antics!

Wonderland started out as Kiddie Land, a small park featuring, obviously, attractions aimed at kids - but has grown over time into the "third largest amusement park in Texas." (that distinction must not count theme parks) Family owned throughout it's history, the park now features four roller coasters, plenty of flat rides, and a variety of water attractions as well.

Above is the older section of the park, punctuated by Wonderland's Log Flume, Cyclone coaster, and a miniature golf course. Also located here are many of the children's rides.

The second half of the park features some newer attractions. The Texas Tornado double-loop coaster circles much of this area. Hopkins was a major supplier of rides for the park, along with the Texas Tornado they also provided the wet/dry slides, river rapids ride, and shoot-the-chutes, among others. I've always thought of Wonderland as a Hopkins showroom!

If you regularly read NPN then you already know that the "West End" section of the park debuted this past year - featuring three new attractions. The green coaster is the Hornet, formerly Mayan Mindbender form the closed Six Flags AstroWorld. The Fiesta Swing, a Yo-Yo ride, also came from AstroWorld. That massive free fall tower, Drop of Fear, stands some 200 ft. tall.

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