Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sabrina's Brochure Spotlight: Bell's Amusement Park (year unknown)

It's always bittersweet to feature a brochure from a defunct park. But this case is a little different, as the owners of Bell's Amusement Park have been vowing to rebuild in a new location ever since they were unceremoniously (and rather shadily) kicked out of Tulsa's Expo Square back in 2006. Until that happens, this undated brochure provides a small taste of what we're missing.

Something about this photo makes me feel like Bell's must have been situated on a boardwalk, but it wasn't! Perhaps the notion of a "sea dragon" is just playing games with my mind. In any event, I'd still argue that the park's signature woodie--the John Allen-designed Zingo--would make a great seaside coaster.

There may have been no ocean next door, but it appears that plenty of water was provided by Bell's log flume. It was one of 50+ rides and attractions operating at the park at the time it closed. Bell's was also home to a much celebrated Bill Tracy dark ride. According to this write-up, park founder Bob Bell actually coined the now familiar name "Phantasmagoria". The 7-minute long ride featured vehicles that were built in-house.

As you longtime SBS readers know, undated brochures drive me out of my mind. Judging from the haircuts and attire of the park patrons featured in this one, I'd say this brochure was printed quite a long time ago! But the lack of a traditional swimsuit certainly didn't prevent this young lady from enjoying her ride on Bell's "ultimate water slide", Ol Slippry.

Our closing shot is a beautiful view of Bell's at night...which again evokes the "boardwalk" feeling for me. Good thing summer's right around the corner, because I obviously have beaches on the brain!