Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Wild West World Lives On

AHG Group, LLC has officially purchased the former Wild West World theme park. Quick plans are underway to get the facility operating once again, which is a great sign for the park's future.

The new owners are not only looking for an operator for the amusement park, but also one for the Johnny Western theater that's attached to the park. They hope that shows can start again around Labor Day of this year.

The return of the amusement park would take place in the spring of 2009. That's good because weren't a lot of the rides sold and removed? I'm guessing they'll have to buy some more to fill in the gaps. Should have been at the Geauga Lake auction, that stuff went c-h-e-a-p.

As you can see in the aerial above Wild West World was never a mega park. The article also mentions that the park will be re-branded to move away from the park's former image.