Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Kings Island Teasing '09 Coaster

Kings Island has added a page to their site to tease about the announcement of their new coaster for 2009, which will be August 6th.

It's pretty confusing though. There's three videos on the teaser page, all of which start with what looks like a reptile or cat eye (or a Jaguar eye) checking you out, and then each has footage of either someone running or a POV of something running in different landscapes. Then at the end of each is a scream or something similar.

On top of that, the code for the teaser page is titled "BEHEMOTH."

Also, track for the ride has started to be set out in the construction area, as seen in the photos in this Picasa album and in this KIExtreme gallery. The track is a dark cherry red, at least that's how I would describe it. The supports for the ride (probably) can also be seen in a photo in this thread on KICentral, and they appear to be a light brown color, much like Maverick.

Here, kitty, kitty?