Thursday, July 17, 2008

I Wonder About Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom

Here is the 2008 park map for Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom. As we already know, a big section of the park is closed for this year. It's just interesting to see the park - the map reminds me of the park's size back in the mid 90s.

Rumors persist that the closed area will not reopen next year, but will be gutted for something new, OR, that the park as a whole is on Six Flags' 'get rid of' list - which paints a much more cloudy future for the property.

I personally have no idea what the future holds for this park but I'm curious to find out. What do you guys think?


Unknown said...

I live in Louisville, and while SFKK is not a great park, I have always supported it and hoped for the best. For a while, we were really moving up under Jay Thomas as GM. Then we had that horrible accident and Jay is now working his magic at Magic Mountain, and it now seems the park is in decline, except maybe for the water park. Jay Thomas told me 2 years ago that 2008 would see a revamp of the part of the park they now have closed. I am not sure if that means they changed their minds, or they really do have something planned for that area that is new. I hope so. If they do not do anything new there, then I fear the park will either close or become a water park only. Time will tell, but I hope the place improves. It DOES have great potential....

Michael said...

I live in Nashville and Skff is the closest park we have. In the past the park was O.K. but now its getting old. Look at the Roller Coaster Timeline:

Starchaser 1987-1995

Thunder Run 1990-present

Vampire 1990-1999

T2 1995-present

Chang 1997-present

Twisted Twins 1998- did not run all 2008 season

Road Runner Express 2000-present

Greezed Lightning 2003-present

If you look at it the last major ride was 1998 (wild mouse and shuttle configuration do not count) but they have been expanding the waterpark which is o.K. but everytime I go I don't go to the waterpark. I wouldn't travl 200 miles to go to one when there is one 5 miles from me but six flags kentucky kingdom needs to either sell the park or try to expand. either one will work!

Unknown said...

I live in New Jersey and work at Six Flags Great Adventure and I know that we are getting The Chang from SFKK. Having lived in KY before and been to SFKK, I assume if the park loses The Chang then its pretty much done for since this was the best ride the park had. It pretty sad, but Six Flags has filed for bankruptcy so it was bound to close a park eventually.