Thursday, July 3, 2008

Six Flags Tidbits

Six Flags Over Georgia has pulled advertising off of Atlanta radio station Project 9-6-1 (what is with that name) after the station's morning show made "insensitive comments" about the accident that recently took place.

It's nice to see the park standing up for itself, especially since this accident was not their fault.

Robbie Knievel will attempt to jump 25 cars at Six Flags St. Louis today. The park has recently opened their new Evel Knievel themed wooden roller coaster, so it's fitting that Mr. Knievel would do a jump at the park. As we know, he recently also did a big jump at Kings Island as well.

Great Adventure History has published an amazing look back at the history of the Batman Stunt Arena at Six Flags Great Adventure. They've got more information in there than you can shake a stick at. I can only wish my updates were that complete and detailed!