Thursday, July 24, 2008

California's Great America For Sale?

This news article about the ongoing drama over the plan to build a new 49ers stadium in the parking lot at California's Great America says that Cedar Fair wants more than $110 million to sell the park.

The article also talks about how Cedar Fair wanted to reduce the assessed value of the park with the county tax office, and how that $44 million assessment makes the selling price of $110+ million crazy.

What's crazy is that people commenting in the article don't understand the different between something's assessment value and selling price. Why would Cedar Fair practically give away the park on the cheap when the 49ers came to their back door and asked to build a stadium?

On the other hand, Cedar Fair would probably loooove that infusion of cash from a sale...


Anonymous said...

Would that mean that they would demolish the park?

dwitos079 said...

do you know what the status of that gci they were supposed to build there is?

NewsPlusNotes said...

We really can't be sure what the 49ers would do with the place if they purchase it.

If they intend to keep it as a park (buying it just to get Cedar Fair to not have a say in their plans) then they could turn right around and give a management contract to Cedar Fair, or anyone for that matter.

Or they could run it themselves (which would be odd, they have no theme park experience)

Or they could, well, not keep it as a park at all.

Anonymous said...

Send the GCI to Dorney