Sunday, July 20, 2008

Valleyfair! '09?

I just read a very interesting rumor in this thread over on ThrillNetwork about Valleyfair! *finally* adding a wave pool to their water park in 2009.

The rumor goes that the park's log flume will be removed in order to make this happen. In the aerial above you can see how the log flume does sit nicely next to the existing water park. I can totally see a wave pool fitting in part of the flume's footprint perfectly - but it looks like there will be room left over. Future water park expansion?

If this is true, well lord it's about time! With how amazingly popular water parks are, I can't believe that Valleyfair!'s has been left stagnant for so long. This is one rumor that makes good sense. Stay tuned...


Anonymous said...

Hey, here are some exclusive shots of the flags that have been added to the area near the flume. Courtesy of
Go ahead and post an article if you want too!