Saturday, January 25, 2020

SeaWorld San Antonio Releases Full POV of New Texas Stingray Wood Coaster

© SeaWorld San Antonio
With construction entering the final phases, SeaWorld San Antonio has released a full point of view movie of a ride on the Texas Stingray.  The custom designed wooden roller coaster has been created for the park by Great Coasters International, and features a 100 foot first drop and top speeds of 55 miles per hour.

SeaWorld San Antonio started working on the coaster early last summer, which means that progress on the ride has been swift and it looks like it will have no problem meeting a Spring 2020 opening date.  The park has not said exactly when that will be, but has a very short off-season and actually opens again on February 22nd.  That may be a bit early for the new coaster, but hey, you never know!

Enjoy your ride on the Texas Stingray below.