Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Nashville Shores Waterpark Building Mega Mayhem Slide for 2020

© Nashville Shores
Located just outside downtown Nashville, Tennessee, Nashville Shores Waterpark is building a massive new water slide for 2020 named Mega Mayhem.  The slide is a combination of two popular water slide features, mixed together into one thrilling attraction.

Mega Mayhem will be the largest water slide in the park's history, designed with rafts that are capable of holding the whole family.

“Mega Mayhem is a family-thrill waterslide that we are excited to bring to Middle Tennessee in 2020,” said Larry Edgmon, general manager of Nashville Shores. “This unique, thrilling ride is actually like two waterslides in one.  It is a hybrid slide featuring two distinct elements with a tornado funnel and a giant four-story wall that will provide a memorable group experience for families and friends.”
© Nashville Shores
Riders who choose to take a spin on Mega Mayhem will start atop a six story platform.  The diagram above shows the layout of the slide, and as you can see it will be brightly colored to attract even more attention.  After moving through a dark serpentine tunnel, riders drop into the tornado funnel which gives them brief moments of zero-gravity.

Moving through the center of the tornado funnel, rafts slide down more enclosed path and suddenly plunge down a steep drop and up onto the side of a massive 40 foot tall wave wall.  At the top of the wave wall passengers will feel more zero-gravity sensations, then the rafts will head through a bit more slide toward a waterfall and the final pool.

Created by Proslide, Mega Mayhem will utilize a conveyor left to carry the rafts to the top of the tower so riders do not have to.  The park is planning to have the attraction ready when it opens for the 2020 season in May.