Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Hersheypark Shares Snowy Update of Chocolatetown + Candymonium Aerials

© Hersheypark
Hersheypark's mega-2020 expansion, named Chocolatetown, recently was blanketed in a pretty layer of snow, fitting for January in Pennsylvania.  The park took advantage of the beautiful construction site and took to the skies to film some awesome drone footage, and promptly shared it with us all.

Not only are we able to see how far along all of Chocolatetown is, but we also get a nice status update of the park's new signature roller coaster, the B&M hyper named Candymonium.

© Hersheypark
The park had topped off the ride a while back, so we already knew the coaster had made a lot of progress.  These shots let us see that track and supports have extended all the way out to the ride's turnaround, which can be seen being constructed in the above shot.  The coaster will have a traditional high turn around element that jogs slightly to the right of the main layout.  The track then points the trains back toward the main park - it's neat to see how many times the ride crosses over the stream that runs under it!

© Hersheypark
Chocolatetown is looking very nice as well, with the major new buildings all up and enclosed.  You can make out many highlights of the area, Candymonium's station is at the bottom, you can also see the new fountain that overlooks the stream and the Carousel building as well.

The $150 million expansion is going to completely transform the entrance area for Hersheypark in 2020, allowing for faster entry and much more breathing room.  It also will feature a host of new dining and retail locations, all of which will offer mouth watering Hershey treats.

Keep up with the progress on Chocolatetown via the park's website, and check out the whole aerial video here.