Sunday, January 5, 2020

A Final Update in the Story of Bowcraft Amusement Park

While this comes as no surprise, it looks as though the final remnants of New Jersey's former Bowcraft Amusement Park were recently demolished, adding the final chapter in the story of the park.  While not a large amusement park or one with a hundred years worth of history, it's always sad to see a park go.  The local Patch news site featured video recently of the structures still standing on the site being razed, though all the rides were removed previously.  The park's site will become apartments.

Back in late 2018 the park's inventory of rides and attractions were put up for sale, with the park having operated for the last time that same year.  There was a nice selection of rides available, and hopefully they all found a good home.  I believe the Pirate Ship went to Alabama Adventure as a new for 2019 ride.

© Bing Maps
Bing has an aerial of the park with the rides removed, but the property not yet fully demolished.  You can see just a couple rides still in place, and the outline of where many of them once sat.

© Google Maps
That view can be compared to this one from Google, showing the park before anything was removed.

The fate of Crossbow, the park's family sized Zierer roller coaster, which was a tad bigger then you'd have expected to find at a park of this size, remains unclear.  The ride was listed for sale for $500k when the ride liquidation occurred, but I'm unaware of who picked it up - if anyone.  You can see some on and off ride footage of Crossbow at this link.  Also, if you feel like a trip down memory lane the park's website is oddly still functional, have a click around.