Saturday, January 4, 2020

Busch Gardens Williamsburg's Pantheon Coaster Looking Mighty Fine in New Photos

© Busch Gardens Williamsburg
The layout of Busch Gardens Williamsburg's new multi-launch roller coaster, Pantheon, is getting close to the final stages of construction.  The park has steadily worked through the month of December, adding both track and supports for visitors to gawk at during the park's holiday celebration.

The photo up top is one of the park's official ones, showing off the ride's top hat element, which is followed by a very steep dive down toward the river below - also the ride's longest drop at around 180 feet.

Thanks (as always) to BGWFans for their excellent coverage of Pantheon construction we have a bunch of new photos of the coaster's rather extreme looking outwardly banked turn.  While we've seen outwardly banked turns on many rides in recent years, especially those on RMC rides, other manufacturers have been slower to hit quite such extreme angles as we see here.  This giant turn is located just after the ride's drop (seen in the photo up top) and the trains should be moving at a nice clip through here.  I can only imagine the forces riders will experience as they soar over this peak!

BGWFans has plenty of additional photos of Pantheon work, including the supports that are now up for the ride's final two elements, both looks rather twisty in their own right.  Check it out here!