Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Dorney Park Adds New Webcam Featuring Seaside Splashworks Construction

© Dorney Park
Dorney Park's new fun for 2020, Seaside Splashworks, is starting to take shape, and the park is now able to show off just where the construction process stands via a new webcam.  Available from the park's official webpage, the aerial view of the construction site shows that plenty of progress has been made on the multi-level play structure to date.

Also of note, the concept art up top here reflects a slightly different look of the structure than when it was first announced, that art can be seen in our original announcement post.  Both show an exciting structure filled with fun interactive activities, though the current art shows a more polished, and probably final, look.

© Dorney Park
Here is a view of the webcam from earlier today when the park was in the middle of a very significant concrete pour.  As the park notes in a recent blog post update, there is a ton of underground work to do when building a massive water play structure like this.  That work seems to be complete since concrete is going on top of it.  If you look closely at the image you can also see how much more concrete there is to be poured, as the footprint of Seaside Splashworks extends out much further onto the island than Island Water Works did.

Also on that blog post is some footage of Island Water Works being demolished, which is pretty neat to see.

In 2020 Dorney Park is celebrating not only the addition of Seaside Splashworks in Wildwater Kingdom, but also the return of the super popular Grand Carnivale celebration from July 25th through August 16th, and the brand new Summer Nights event which runs Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings from June 20th through July 12th.