Sunday, December 13, 2015

Disneyland Paris Begins 2 Year "Re-Imagining" of Popular Attractions

In an attempt to draw visitors back to one of the prettiest Disney parks around, Disneyland Paris has embarked on a two year refurbishment project of nearly ten of its attractions, with a handful at the Disney Stuidos Park also being upgraded.  Some of the work is already well underway, but this video the resort released details them all:

Some of the announcements are larger than others, with several worth highlighting.  Space Mountain: Mission 2 has already seen much work, but in 2017 will receive all new trains.  Hopefully new modern restraint designs can be employed to remove the need of the over the shoulder restraints.

Big Thunder Mountain will see general upkeep, like painting and fixing the mountain's many animatronic inhabitants - but will also receive an "explosive finale" that sounds like it could be based off of the one added at Disneyland.  That's a major plus in my book.

Star Tours is promised to have an "exciting experience" enhancement completed, which one could guess is the updated Star Tours: The Adventures Continue film currently open at the other parks.  Pirates of the Caribbean will also see major upgrades to sets, lighting, and special effects.  Other "surprises" are promised, like Captain Jack perhaps?

Over at the Walt Disney Studios Park, the long rumored replacement for Animagique will come true - though no details on the new show were announced yet.  The tram tour will also feature modified sets and new ones from major films.