Monday, December 21, 2015

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom's Joker Lift and First Drop Complete!

© Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
Six Flags Discovery Kingdom has delivered a great holiday present in the form of a completed lift and first drop on their new Joker roller coaster.  The Rocky Mountain conversion of Roar has seen a significant amount of track installed in the past few weeks since that phase of construction began.  The theme park has released some images of the new work, including this great look at the park below taken from the very top of the lift.

© Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
From a wider angle we can see the entire complete lift with the signature Joker themed purple and green track.  The first drop can be seen in the background - it almost appears to be missing due to the steepness of the plunge!  Also of note is the turn on the right, which has been totally stripped of the wooden track and is awaiting new steel running rails.

© Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
This final shot the park released is almost dizzying, taken from above the first drop looking straight down.  The first drop on the Joker has been totally reprofiled from its former self, and now begins with a quick drop down and then a turn to the right mid fall.  It looks like it could be a real air-time monster in the back seat of the trains!

For more photos of the drop from various angles, check out this update from California Coaster Kings.  They also have shots of the elaborate pre-lift track that has been installed, filled with mini-hills and turns.