Saturday, December 12, 2015

Keeping Tabs on Valravn Construction at Cedar Point

© Cedar Point
If you haven't been watching the live webcam that Cedar Point has focused on Valravn construction, you've been missing out!  Over the past week, and including this morning, the park has been hoisting the roller coaster's massive lift hill pieces into place.  This image is from today, when a second section was lifted into place.

Going off the concepts released earlier, the lift still has a bit more to go before the maximum height of 223 feet is reached.  Then a 90 degree right turn (which can be seen assembled on the ground on the far right of the image) will lead to the vertical plunge.  The bottom of the drop and pullout can be seen already in place in the middle bottom of the image.

© Cedar Point
Cedar Point has been documenting the construction of Valravn on several social media sites, including Twitter where this new image came from.  They are also updating the official Valravn website frequently with new photos in the construction gallery.  I love watching the already impressive skyline of Cedar Point change once again with this addition!