Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Skyplex Receives Commissioner Approval + Universal's Next Big Move?

Yesterday was a big day for fans of the Orlando area attractions, with two big pieces of news coming out of the area.

First, the Orange County Commissioners voted unanimously to approve the Skyplex project, which includes a massive tower that received an FAA approval to be up to 700 feet.  It will contain Skyscraper, a 500 foot roller coaster that will be the tallest the world, and a free fall as well.  The development will also include food and beverage, entertainment and retail locations.

The project was voted down by the Orange County Planning and Zoning Committee in October, but this new approval trumps that one.

Here's the latest video released by developers showcasing the Skyscraper roller coaster and the free fall:

The video speaks for itself pretty well, showing an amazing looking thrill ride that is like no other.  Armed with proper approvals, the developer now aims to finalize the structure's design, line up funding, and hopes to have the tower and rides open by 2018.

News also broke yesterday that Universal Orlando is said to have a contract on 474 acres of land near its existing parks, spread out over many different parcels.  The largest of the parcels is said to be well over 300 acres, which is more than enough for a 3rd theme park, with room left over for hotels and the like.

The land was actually once owned by Universal, though the parks were under different ownership at the time and eventually that owner sold it all for cash.

If true, this news could mean the already exciting future of Universal will shine even brighter, giving us all plenty to look forward to.  For more thoughts on the news, and an interactive map of the land rumored to be purchased, check out this story.