Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Mako Heading Up Toward the Sky at SeaWorld Orlando

© SeaWorld Orlando
As seen in this recent update from Pixels at the Parks, SeaWorld Orlando's new Mako roller coaster has entered a new phase of vertical construction where the ride is starting to tower over the park.  It appears as though roughly half of the lift track is now in place, meaning the roller coaster is standing about 100 feet tall.  The lift will eventually extend to a full 200 feet in the air, with a drop of the same size.  In total Mako will feature 4,760 feet of track.

Before continuing on with the rest of the lift, it appears as though the theme park is working on constructing the midcourse brake run that is located directly underneath it.  You can see just how that will work in the above concept art for Mako.  The update also shows that the rest of the coaster's site is still buzzing with footer preparation and work on the station area.

I must note that Mako's color scheme looks even better than I anticipated now that larger sections of it are standing.  It was hard to tell with just the transfer track up, but now we can get a great idea of how the finished product will look.  Can't wait to see more!