Friday, January 17, 2014

Various New for 2014 Coaster Updates

© Ride Entertainment
Well, the flu has knocked me down for a few days, but thankfully the world keeps on spinning no matter how long I stay in bed - and that means new rides keep being built!

Ride Entertainment tweeted the above photo of FireChaser Express at Dollywood, showing off the quick progress being made on the new family coaster.  This view shows off the ride's station being built on the right side, with its fire house theming become evident.  This is also a nice look at the pass through the tower on the upper left side of the photo.  This is going to be a beauty of a ride when complete!

© Six Flags Great America
Digging a big hole in the ground for a record breaking wooden roller coaster?  Check.  Six Flags Great America has ignored the wintry conditions and kept work moving on the tunnel that Goliath will pass through.  The extra elevation gained from the pit will make Goliath's first drop the longest on any wooden coaster in the world when it opens... oh and also the steepest at 85 degrees.  As if that wasn't enough Goliath will also be the fastest wooden coaster at 72 miles per hour.

© Kings Island
Kings Island has been great to fans looking forward to Banshee, releasing fantastic photos of the ride's construction like the one seen above.  This is the first time we've seen the ride from the 'backside' and it is impressive as ever.  Seeing the first drop in the background, looking quite distant from the track up front, shows just how much territory will be covered by the inverted coaster.  The next track segments will be a heartline roll, and judging from the support already in place it will happen quite high above the ground!