Saturday, January 18, 2014

Indiana Beach Brining New Family Rides for 2014

Indiana Beach has announced the addition of four new family rides to the park's lineup for 2014 season.  The attractions are not thrill rides, instead they are squarely aimed at families with smaller children - many of the new rides can be ridden with parents and child side by side.

The Growler is a spinning ride that takes seated guests around in the air at a twenty degree angle providing gentle fun.  The Rock N Tug is a swaying and spinning ship ride that has already proven tremendously popular at parks across the globe, and the Baby Baron is a circular plane ride that the smallest children can enjoy.

The fourth new ride being added is a small children's roller coaster, named the Dragon Wagon.  The powered ride features 60 feet of track and will make a perfect first coaster for many young visitors to Indiana Beach.