Thursday, January 2, 2014

Banshee in the Snow + New Batwing Shot!

© Kings Island
It is snowing once more, and this time it is especially cold and ugly out - but at least to help make up for it Kings Island shared some neat photos of Banshee!  Above is the inverted coaster's giant lift hill and the vertical loop that surrounds a part of it.  I love how the snow stuck to so much of the supports and whited them out - makes parts of the ride blend right into the wintry wonderland.

© Kings Island
The park has been working on the Batwing element that follows the heartline roll in the recent weeks.  We have seen plenty of shots of that work from the aerial-view webcam, but this is a first look from ground level.  You could gather as much from the webcam, but that half a Batwing is enormous!  The crews also put together some of the supports that lead into the ride's second vertical loop while the crane is in one place, too.

To me the end of Banshee is the most interesting, so I'm looking forward to seeing the ride's track finished - especially the heartline roll that is near the end of Banshee.