Wednesday, January 1, 2014

NPN December 2013 Poll Results

The big Orlando theme parks are perpetually in the news, greatly in part to their diligent PR teams, but lately it seems we're hearing even more buzz than ever before.   With three big operators (and many smaller that we did not include in this poll) competing in the area there's so much to do during a visit... I had to wonder which of the resorts is now the front runner in our readers' eyes.

As such, I asked you all which was your favorite Orlando destination: the two parks that make up the Universal Orlando Resort, the four inside the gates of Walt Disney World, or the SeaWorld Orlando/Aquatica/Discovery Cove trio. 

I honestly thought that the reign of Disney was not over... but not so:
The Universal Orlando Resort - which has been in the midst of large expansion after large expansion the past few years, actually got most of the votes as seen above.  Granted it wasn't a landslide over Disney World, however, I think it's a pretty significant win.  It could be that Universal has more traditional thrill rides - and our readers love those - and that skewed our voter population.  Either way the future of Universal seems blindingly bright, while Disney has Avatar to hold on to - I guess.

And it was a poor month for SeaWorld to even be in a poll, I would think, considering the news stories that keep popping up stemming from Blackfish. 

Now as for January's poll - each year this is the month we ask you guys about which North/South American new for 2014 coaster you are anticipating the most?  This one always gets a lot of votes, so head over the left, give it some thought, and vote!