Monday, January 13, 2014

Story Land's Roar-o-Saurus Goes Vertical!

© Story Land
It may not be much, but it officially makes Story Land's new wooden roller coaster, Roar-o-Saurus, vertical.  The first bents were just put into place, marking the next phase of construction for the family-sized thriller.  Roar-o-Saurus has been designed for Story Land by the Gravity Group, and if we based our expectations off of their first family sized coaster, Quassy's Wooden Warrior, then we have a lot to look forward to with this new ride!

The ride was officially unveiled at this past November's IAAPA Trade Show, where both the Gravity Group and Story Land officials were on hand to share the good news.  When complete, Roar-o-Saurus will have 1,242 feet of track, a lift hill of 40 feet and a first drop of 38.5 feet.  The ride will utilize one Timberliner train from Gravitykraft.

As a refresher here is the on-ride video simulation of the coaster that was released with the announcement.  Happy riding!