Thursday, January 9, 2014

Interesting New Photo of Medusa Steel Coaster Released

Six Flags Mexico has made some twisted progress recently on Medusa Steel Coaster - the park's Rocky Mountain Construction remake of Medusa, a year 2000 Custom Coaster's wooden ride.  Just how twisted?

© Six Flags Mexico
That's how twisted!  After the train climbs the 100 foot lift hill it enters a tight turnaround that inverts riders and plunges them down the first drop.  This view shows off that maneuver beautifully, and also gives a really nice look at the rest of Six Flags Mexico sprawled out beyond the new ride.

What follows the elements seen above include two additions inversions, both heartline rolls, on a layout that generally follows the old one - but contains much more extreme banking and other tricks.  The new ride still features the wooden supports of old, but the steel track combined with specially designed trains allows these crazy elements to take place.

With Rocky Mountain's previous conversions already highly regarded in the industry we are sure to see Medusa Steel Coaster receive similar praise when it opens this Summer!