Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Latest on FunSpot America's Expansion

Major changes are still coming to Florida's Fun Spot America, it is just that some of those changes have, well, changed.

It seems perfectly natural for the massive expansion the park has planned to evolve over time and it appears to have done just that.  Many features previously announced will remain, such as the 250 foot tall SkyCoaster (from the closed MGM Grand Theme Park, interestingly) and the Vekoma suspended family coaster.

Some other items seem to have gotten the axe, including several flat rides and the 200 foot tall version of a WindSeeker.  Much to many coaster fans approval, the plan for White Lightning, a GCI designed wooden coaster, has actually increased in size.

The park has released a new video showing off the slightly bigger and somewhat redesigned ride:

Looks good! The ride will stand 75 feet tall with a 58 degree first drop and feature a 90 degree banked 40 foot tall turn around element.  The trains will be themed as a locomotive named White Lightning, complete with a front car designed as the face of an engine.

The park has also revealed plans to theme many of the new rides and attractions at Fun Spot America to different modes of transportation, including the automobile, aviation, trains, and even space travel. Design ideas for the Vekoma suspended coaster have it named Rocket Rider, complete with a gigantic space man hovering over the lift hill.

The $20 million expansion will not feature the previously announced water park, instead that will be constructed in a few years.  The park expects to break ground on the new rides and attractions by Labor Day.