Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Six Flags Great America's 2013 Crate

© Six Flags Great America
Looks like we're at the point of the Summer when parks start to tease their additions for next year, granted some have already started but I think we're going to see an influx of these in the coming weeks.

Six Flags Great America has started us off with the above crate, which the park states has just arrived.  Clearly it's not ready to be opened until August 30th, which means we still have this month to get through.

The announcement date of August 30th also lines up nicely with what Screamscape recently reported, that the company will make a huge batch of announcements for all parks on that day.  This would be the same as September 1st, 2011, when Six Flags announced all of this season's new rides and attractions.

I have to wonder if the company will keep up their something-for-everyone motto, adding at least one new ride or attraction to all parks.  I hope so - from their results this Summer it seems to have worked!