Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunday Viewing... Cirque Ambiente at Canada's Wonderland

CWMania recently premiered a new video about a major new theatrical production at Canada's Wonderland this season, titled Cirque Ambiente.  Their story is embedded above, which takes a look at some of the background that went into creating the performance for the park.  Cirque Ambiente is a high energy show that was produced by the same team behind the park's Kinet-X, described by the park's as an "urban acrobatic show."

Cirque Ambiente has replaced the park's Snoopy themed ice show this season.  Just a few weeks ago I realized that so many Cedar Fair parks have replaced their Snoopy shows with other entertainment this season, Kings Island going with Ed Alonzo and Canada's Wonderland with Cirque Ambiente, for example.

The show looks like quite a worthy replacement and according to CWMania's report is receiving great praise at the park.  It is funny that at the end Jeff points out that he bets other parks will look into a similar show while the whole time I was watching I was thinking about how this high-energy production would fit so well at other properties!  We shall see!