Friday, August 17, 2012

California's Great America Releases New Au13 Photos

© California's Great America
The still unannounced wooden coaster being built at California's Great America has been making steady progress in the past week, with much of one of the ride's far turnarounds having almost all of its supports in place.

© California's Great America
The park has shared a bunch of new photos of the ride, which is expected to be announced on August 29th.

We previously had a peek at the ride when it was planned to go up several years ago, but it appears as though some changes have been made to the design since then.  If you take a look at the turn being built above, and compare it to the original design, you can see there are significant differences:

The turn that is going up at the park is in the upper right of this drawing.  With the ride still unannounced we can only guess at what else may have changed, which is pretty exciting!