Saturday, July 16, 2011

Weekly Rewind 7.16.11

Six Flags America has set Skull Mountain on its final voyage.  What's next?  Not sure, but a sign is already up at the park!

Definitely read this interview Mice Chat had with Knott's Berry Farm's general manager.  A new dark ride someday?  Perhaps!

This is some of the most beautiful photography I've ever seen - theme park related or not.  (just happens it's very much related to the Disneyland Resort)

Silverwood Theme Park has opened this massive new water slide, named Ricochet Rapids.  It's another model of WhiteWater's MEGAtube series. (photo at right)

Attractions Magazine has a video about the development of the Little Mermaid ride at Florida's Magic Kingdom.  Unlike the California Version, this one's full name is Under The Sea - Journey of the Little Mermaid. 

The sale of 6.75 acres of land to Dorney Park is now final.  The deal is "no strings attached," and the land is no longer tied to the local government and is now private property.

Coasting for Kids 2011 is only one week away!  On Saturday July 24th teams at Cedar Fair parks will be riding coasters all day to raise money for Give Kids the World.  Check out the donation page and show your support.

It is hard to tell when Alton Tower's marketing is just being outlandish or real, but they're offering one winner the chance to help design their new for 2013 coaster.  Sounds interesting.

One one of my YouTube trips where I get lost in videos I encountered Team iLuminate... apparently on America's Got Talent recently and all over elsewhere.  There has to be a fit for theme parks in there somewhere... someone step up and book them!  And no, Glow In The Park doesn't count.


proth said...

I'm participating in Coasting for Kids! If anyone would like to donate any money I would love if you donated under my name! This is a great cause and I'm excited to participate.