Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Blast From The Past - Sky Princess At Dutch Wonderland

On May 20th 1963 Dutch Wonderland opened to the public, rides included the Iron Horse Train, the Turnpike car ride, Lady Gay Riverboat & the Whale Boats. And, guests could purchase souvenirs at the Castle Gift Shop. Almost twenty years later the park added its first roller coaster, a mid-sized woodie that was designed with families in mind.

This little woodie was built by a new company located in West Chester Ohio. Designed by Mike Boodley and Larry Bill, and built by a construction crew that included the likes of Clair Hain and Jeff Mason, the Sky Princess was the first of thirty-four wooden coasters built by Custom Coasters International.

With the park's monorail running through the structure, this standard out and back is fifty-five feet tall and has a top speed of 40 miles per hour. The rolling stock on the Sky Princess is six car Philadelphia Toboggan Coaster train with buzz bars. In 2007 the Sky Princess became a coaster of a different color, after fifteen years the coasters white structure was painted blue. And, the name was changed to the Kingdom Coaster.

Kingdom Coaster isn't the tallest or fastest coaster around, but even after nineteen years the ride packs more than enough thrills to make re-rides a must for the entire family.