Thursday, July 14, 2011

Kings Island Greets New Cedar Fair CEO

Cedar Fair's new CEO, Matt Ouimet, has continued his round of visiting each of the chain's parks to become more familiar with them.  He recently checked out Kings Island and as a result of the visit there were a few tidbits that grabbed my attention.

First, he mentioned that Kings Island could be announcing some new items for next year's 40th anniversary celebration.  Always a good thing.  Even more interesting is that when asked about adding a virtual queue system (like Disney's Fastpass, or Flashpass at Six Flags) to the chain of parks, he says they'll probably go in that direction.

This is something that Cedar Fair has lagged with, and while some people like the standard method of everyone waits in the same line, others enjoy being able to pay to skip the lines.  It's certainly a new revenue stream for the company to look at, too.

Mr. Ouimet also mentioned that they will have to take their time regarding the still non-operating Son of Beast coaster, in order to make the best decision.  Sounds like that will put rumors of the ride reopening to bed... for a little while at least.