Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Universal Japan Building Universal Wonderland in 2012

Universal Studios Japan has announced a new mega-family area for the park's 2012 season, named Universal Wonderland.

The area will represent a town where a large selection of familiar characters are living at the theme park.  It will also be the last part of the park's huge 10th anniversary celebration, and was hinted at previously.

Universal Wonderland will combine the park's Snoopy area with Hello Kitty and Sesame Street.  Part of the area will replace the former Land of Oz section of the park.  Snoopy Studios, which opened with the park, will have a new family friendly ride added to it.

The Hello Kitty Fashion Avenue will be focused on shopping, as Hello Kitty has just returned from Hollywood and is now opening a ribbon themed boutique.  Sesame Friendly Town will be the largest addition, consisting of both indoor and outdoor sections.  Rides and attractions will be themed to the Sesame Street characters, but will also feature Moppy, a brand new character found only at Universal Studios Japan.