Saturday, February 5, 2011

Weekly Rewind 2.5.11

Battlestar Galactica at Universal Studios Singapore is officially reopening on February 21st, but apparently it's already having soft openings.  That makes the ride's closure just under one year in length.

Cheetah Hunt progress continues, with more track being put in place and many theming details coming together.  Check out photos from Busch Gardens Tampa and RCPro.

Instead of having to keep typing "the GCI coaster at Knight Valley" we can now refer to the coaster at Mountain Flyer, which is what the company has shown on their website.  That name fits the ride perfectly, eh?

Some photos taken from the top of Krake's lift can be seen here.  Nothing quite like staring down that vertical drop!

Many parts of the Green Lantern have arrived at Six Flags Magic Mountain, including track and the ride's cars.  I'm liking the shade of green!

Cedar Fair is being hounded again by Q Investments, this time they want another vote to force the company to allow unit holders to nominate candidates for members of the board.

Kings Island now offers a webcam for fans to watch the construction of WindSeeker.  Right now it is still a cement pad, but that'll change, eventually.

Liseberg previously announced that they were changing their observation tower into a free-fall, and they've been posting photos of the transformation all winter.  The Intamin designed free fall will drop riders from almost 300 ft. in the air.

The Gravity Group has been keeping everyone updated with the construction of Twister at Grona Lund.  That's going to be one wicked ride.

Cedar Point and K'NEX are holding the first Great Thrill Ride Build-Off this year.  Classrooms can construct a K'NEX thrill ride and submit it to possibly win some cool prizes.  More here.

In addition to a brand new Parade, Sesame Place is also adding a new ride called Elmo's Cloud Chaser.  They're not saying what it is just yet, but giving hints on the park's blog.

Great progress is also being made on Planet Snoopy at Valleyfair.  New buildings are up, and the entire area is a massive construction site.

If you haven't been following the photos Knoebels has been posting of Black Diamond, you're missing out.  They also just put up a video of a really stubborn donkey!