Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Aerial Antics: Cedar Point Part 1

I've put off featuring Cedar Point on Aerial Antics for a while now because the park is just so... big. There's a lot to cover!  But the time has come, so let's dig in!

There she is in all her beauty.  Well, the green that surrounds the park in this photo is not very attractive, but we all know how beautiful the park's setting is on a warm summer day.

The entrance to Cedar Point leads to a very wide main midway that stretches deep into the park.  Featured in this photo is Demon Drop, a freefall ride that has since been moved to Dorney Park.  In 2011 the park's Ocean Motion swinging ship will take up residence here.

Here's more of that nice beach setting we all love!  Right on the water's edge are two of the park's many roller coasters.  Disaster Transport, an indoor bobsled coaster, sits right next to Wicked Twister.  The park's gigantic Ferris wheel is framed nicely by Wicked Twister's towers.

A certain highlight of a trip to Cedar Point is a spin on Raptor, the park's inverted coaster.  Its striking green color and interaction with the midway below it always draws attention from guests.  Doesn't hurt that it is a great ride, either!

The park's oldest coaster, Blue Streak can be seen at the bottom of the photo as well.

While many of Cedar Point's coasters are huge, there are smaller ones for smaller riders as well.  The Wildcat, seen above, twists and turns over itself, sending its individual cars weaving through the ride's structure.

Long before the wood and steel hybrid coaster was making waves in the industry (think New Texas Giant), Gemini was already operating at Cedar Point.  The duel track racing coaster features wooden supports but a true steel track - and plenty of airtime.

Next week we will look at more of Cedar Point from the sky!